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If you can ignore the plot, it’s pretty good

Since the Surrender by Julie Anne Long (Buy on amazon.com)


Since the SurrenderI usually only double up my romances when the first one has disappointed me. Between the Devil and Ian Eversea left me surprisingly dismayed, considering how much I usually enjoy Julie Anne Long’s books. So I decided to give her another try with Since the Surrender (2009). If I could take how I felt about the beginning of this one with how I felt about the end of Between the Devil and Ian Eversea, I’d have a fully satisfying romance novel. Unfortunately, this one had a promising start, but the ridiculous implausibility of the plot took me out of the story in the end.

Captain Chase Eversea and Rosalind have a history, which you discover as you read. Rosalind used to be married to Chase’s commanding officer, so I’m sure you are already guessing what went down. They haven’t seen each other in years, but Rosalind seeks out Chase’s help when her sister goes missing. Like I said earlier, this was a very promising beginning. Passion and thwarted love in the enigmatic past of Chase and Rosalind, as well as the tension and mystery of a missing family member. Chase and Rosalind already care about each other and work well together. They had good chemistry, and I enjoyed reading about them.

The problems started as the mystery unraveled–it was ridiculous. Continued…

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    Is this the one with the puppets? [reads review] Yep.

    I had huge problems with the missing relative and the, ahem, work she might have been drawn into. Farcical and horrifying not matter how comedically presented.

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