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“The Trellisane Confrontation”: Star Trek Novelization Vangie13 cbr #28

The Trellisane Confrontation by David Dvorkin (Buy on amazon.com)


Trellisane Confrontationby David Dvorkin

“Vulcans and Earthmen are both descended from an ancient race who colonized most of the known galaxy.  Almost all of the humanoid races we know of are descended from them, and that probably includes you.  Of course there has been genetic drift and adaptation to extreme conditions, producing anomalies like the Vulcans.”

Enterprise picks up a group of terrorist prisoners for transport to Starfleet Headquarters.  Even though the terrorists being transported are VERY DANGEROUS, Enterprise must rush to the aid of the planet Trellisane because of its location at the convergence of the Federation and the Romulan and Klingon Empires.  Trellisane has a sister planet in the same solar system, Sealon.  The Klingons have aligned with Sealon and are threatening to declare war on Trellisane.  With Kirk, McCoy, and Spock on the planet, the terrorists hijack Enterprise and take her into Romulan space, hoping to incite a war.

Random Thoughts Written Down as I Read:

The cover has a sweet little space ship on it, as well as a radiant Christine Chapel.

Sealon is inhabited by intelligent aquatic mammals.  Of course it is.

The meat the Trellisanians serve the landing party is very delicious.  Why do I feel uneasy when I hear this?

The terrorists are able to hijack Enterprise because Sulu, left in charge, gets cocky and raises the shields only halfway when she is attacked.  Pfft.  Not MY Sulu.

Only one guard is left down in the brig with the terrorists.

The escape of the terrorists is quite exciting!

Kirk becomes nearly catatonic when he hears Enterprise has been hihacked.

Chekov’s accent gets worse when he’s angry.

The landing party discovers the Trellisanian servants are actually slaves with brain implants which convey orders and can kill them instantly.

Kirk incites a revolution, and the excellent steaks continue to worry me.

Chekov befriends one of the terrorists after tying to seduce her and discovering she’s a lesbian. NTTAWWT.

Spock hero-worships Kirk. Kirk has few heroes.

One of the main Trellisane slave-rebels is Godor.

There is no chain of command in Enterprise’s Security Section, and Security men are stupid. I’m not just saying that:  “Original thought was not a security man’s strongpoint.”

When Enterprise is hijacked, the bridge crew just kind of accepts it since Kirk’s not there to tell them what to do.  Until Scotty bullies his way onto the bridge and takes charge.

Engineering officers are stupid, too.

All Klingons have K names and no honor.

McCoy sure misses eating those delicious steaks…

Chapel is in love with—seriously, you guys.  The horse is dead.

McCoy discovers the Trellisanians eat their slaves, who they butcher by hand.  Whoa!  How did I never see this coming? There were no clues at all, even the summary on the back cover only says McCoy is dining with cannibals, but it never says who those cannibals are.

Kirk demands a three-way…conference on Enterprise between the Federation, Romulans, and Klingons.  Everyone just beams straight to the bridge.

Kirk is PISSED that McCoy and Spock settle things on Trellisane without him.

Chapel’s accidental bonding with a 4-part creature is the most interesting part of the story and we don’t get to spend enough time with her.  The situation is resolved too quickly and she tells no one.


 “Yes, (McCoy) is a sensitive man. He’s also a remarkable doctor, and the Enterprise is fortunate to have him.  However, he needs occasional correction.”  –Spock

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  1. idiosynchronic says

    I never read this one – despite the cover, the blurb, and the different spelling, I was convinced that Trellane was involved with this story, and I hated that punk-ass kid. Stupid, I know.

    And then I devoured Peter David’s Q Squared about a decade later, and the Squire is now a cherished favorite.

  2. says

    I think I had the opposite reaction–despite the cover, the blurb, and the different spelling, I was convinced that Trellane was involved with this story, and I loved that guy! When the cover turned out to be right (whaddaya know?) and the only interesting part of the story–Christine–was shunted off to the side, I was disappointed.

    I’m glad you came around about the Squire. He’s awesome.

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