This Isn’t a Book Review, but It’s Still Awesome

We’ve had thrilling interactions with authors on social media and this blog already this year, but I must tell you, R. C. O’Leary is no ordinary author. R.C. O’Leary has put his money where his mouth is! Author of Hallways in the Night, O’Leary has not only offered free books but has generously pledged that he will donate  all royalties of his books sold February 21-28, 2014 to our cause – with a guaranteed a minimum donation of $25.00, no less!

Hallways in the Night, a legal thriller, is his 2013 debut novel. From Bookstory:

When Dave Mackno, a veteran cop, leaves his stake-out in pursuit of a speeding car, it leads to a confrontation with Remo Centrella, baseball’s home run king. When the confrontation turns deadly, the worlds of professional sports, politics and the criminal justice system collide.

R.C. O'Leary, an awesome author
R.C. O’Leary, a good soul

To get more of a feel for the novel, you can find reviews of it on these sites:

You can also read sample chapters at his website, or follow O’Leary on Twitter at @rcoleary or on his Facebook page.

This year, we’ve doubled down on our mission to raise money for the American Cancer Society in AlabamaPink’s name.  O’Leary’s efforts will be a welcome addition to our donations, which include all revenue from our links, Google Ads, and CBR Merchandise.

Cannonball Read 6 participants may respond to my email to try for the free book offer (Update: all free copies are taken.), which should be in inboxes around the world by now. If you miss out on a free copy, I hope you’ll purchase his book and spread the word, far and wide. Tell the world how we, and R. C. O’Leary, are sticking it to cancer, one book at a time!


If you loved this one, go read more reviews by . Do it right now!


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    Cannonball Read is a great challenge for a great cause. I’m honored to have the chance to make a contribution to it.

    Hopefully, over time, other authors may join your cause and it will lead to even greater contributions of some book royalties in AlabamaPink’s honor.

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