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This book had handsome werewolves, but I liked it anyway


Unknown-4Let me just start out here by saying that this sort of book isn

8 comments to This book had handsome werewolves, but I liked it anyway

  • Malin

    Oh, I’m so glad you liked it, even with the handsome vampires and werewolves. :)

  • narfna

    It makes me sad that you don’t like fantasy. Are you SURE you don’t like fantasy? Is your brain tricking you?

  • scootsa1000

    OK, so maybe I’m mis-catergorizing (is that a word?) fantasy. I’ve read and loved: 3 Game of Thrones books, Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and this little gem.
    Other books I’ve attempted (most recently, the highly acclaimed Plain Kate. Blech.) simply haven’t done it for me.


    I would love some suggestions from the two of you if you don’t mind. Maybe I”m just looking at the word “fantasy” all wrong.
    And yes, maybe my brain is tricking me. I’m sure its having a good laugh at my expense.

    • narfna

      Maybe you just don’t like urban/paranormal fantasy? Those tend to have lots of vampires and werewolves and main characters who dress sexy on the cover. I’m not usually a fan of those, either, although I make an exception for the Dresden Files. There is some really excellent fantasy out there. You might be more of an epic type of person. I would suggest starting first and foremost with Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind but I shall compile a list for you as well.

      Yay! I love making reading lists!

  • Scootsa1000

    Just ordered the Name of the Wind. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • baxlala

    I would also not normally go for a book about handsome werewolves (though I am a sucker for “little kid latches onto new person” stories) but this sounds great? Thank you for this recommendation!

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