Guy’s Awesome Graphic

All hail Godtopus!
All hail Godtopus!

Guy Gondron, aka protoguy on Pajiba and the artist behind our fantastic Godtopus/CBR header above, is a talented artist living in the not quite so lovely land of Arizona. A mecca for artists, the state government’s conservative mindset has wrought havoc with Guy’s healthcare situation.  A two year cancer survivor, Guy is still battling illness, and the state healthcare system. You can read more in this post I wrote back in September or  follow Guy’s blog, Work in Progress.

But in the midst of all of this, Guy is still making works of art. Check out his stuff on Etsy or Zazzle.

The most impressive project he did recently, however, is our FANTASTIC HEADER GRAPHIC OF GODTOPUS!!! Just look at it, it’s divine! I asked Guy for help with the image, and he knocked it out of the park, wouldn’t you agree?

So take a look at his shops and see if there’s something you could purchase from Guy that would benefit you with awesomeness and also support Guy. You could turn your child into a dastardly villain, or get a nice mug for your own Mother of Dragons. You can see he has experience with octopi too.

If you loved this one, go read more reviews by . Do it right now!


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