's CBR8 Review No:107

For trust not him that hath once broken faith

Once Broken Faith by Seanan McGuire (Buy on amazon.com)


This is book ten in an ongoing series, and as such, REALLY not the place to start. While my review may not have too many spoilers about earlier books in the series, there is a whole lot of history in the books before that is required for this book to be fully satisfying to a […]

's CBR8 Review No:106

“You’re like a crazy cat lady, but you collect killers instead of fluffy cats.”

Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews (Buy on amazon.com)


4.5 stars Spoiler warning! This is book nine in the Kate Daniels series. The penultimate book in the series, in fact. I will not be able to review this book without there being spoilers for earlier books. Don’t read this if you’re not all the way caught up. Do pick up the series if you […]

's CBR8 Review No:105

Find out who you are and do it on purpose

Dumplin' by Julie Murphy (Buy on amazon.com)


3.5 stars Willowdean “Will” Dickson is a teenager in a small town in Texas, with nothing much to recommend it, except being home of the oldest beauty pageant in the state (possibly the country, I don’t remember). The Miss Teen Bluebonnet is a big deal and Will’s mother’s biggest claim to fame is that she […]

's CBR8 Review No:21

I felt the need to share this with you immediately!

Fun with Kirk and Spock by Robb Pearlman (Buy on amazon.com)


I received this book in the mail today, and I had only read a few pages when I knew I had to review it.  “This book,” I said to myself, “needs to be shared with everyone I know!”  I got the book through a Nerd Block, one of those monthly subscription boxes that sends you […]

's CBR8 Review No:38

The United States vs. Me

The Sellout by Paul Beatty (Buy on amazon.com)


What’s the opposite of magical realism? A sense of unreality permeates The Sellout, but it’d be hard to describe it as magical. Not when the setting is a minority-majority LA County community so down on its luck that the state of California wipes it off the map in shame. Not when the nameless narrator is […]

's CBR8 Review No:78

Never trust a book by its cover…

American Housewife: Stories by Helen Ellis (Buy on amazon.com)

See? Cute cover!

I thought “stories” would mean essays about Ellis’ experiences as a housewife but it’s actually a series of short stories and most of them are pretty terrible. The best part was Southern Lady code: “Is this too dressy?” is Southern Lady code for: I look fabulous and it would be in your best interest to […]

's CBR8 Review No:48

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie by Jean Rhys (Buy on amazon.com)


Alan Cumming mentioned After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie in a NYT piece on his ten favorite books. Having read and reviewed (and loved) Rhys’ well known classic Wide Sargasso Sea for CBR6, and being impressed with Mr. Cumming’s literary choices (seriously, check out that list; it’s gold), I decided to give After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie a […]

's CBR8 Review No:84

Point Counterpoint, or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Show

Starship Troopers / The Forever War by Robert A Heinlein / Joe Haldeman (Buy on amazon.com)


Like the two disconnected eyes of some monstrous oracle, these books look out of their respective time periods, casting forward to try and envision a future that could arise from contemporaneous events. One sings of nationalistic pride in service to the state, while the other firmly declares that war is a pointless and exploitative endeavor […]

's CBR8 Review No:29

“He had hands like a marmoset, small and neat”

Jack McClure Series by Eric Van Lustbader (Buy on amazon.com)


This review is for the auidobook versions of the Jack McClure series by Eric Van Lustbader. It’s also really long, I’m sorry. There are five books in the series, which begins with First Daughter.   Jack McClure, an agent with the ATF, always felt like an outsider because of his dyslexia until he learned that […]

's CBR8 Review No:68

“I used to be someone.”

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson (Buy on amazon.com)

the adoration of jenna fox

Dramatic irony — simply, the idea that the audience knows something that the character doesn’t — is a common tension-building storytelling device. From the point of view of the audience, it’s oppositional from the “plot twist,” where the character(s) and the audience are both in the dark and they figure out the crucial, shocking bit […]

's CBR8 Review No:5

A pretty cool sci-fi premise that I could see as our future

Lock In by John Scalzi (Buy on amazon.com)


What’s the best thing that can come from a debilitating illness that renders your body useless? The internet, of course, and a bit of sci-fi neural networking voo-dooery. Which brings us to our story and a future where people are “locked” in by Haden’s syndrome. While most people affected by this illness just experience flu-like […]

's CBR8 Review No:47

The Fibonacci Novel

Speak: A Novel by Louisa Hall (Buy on amazon.com)


Is there anything we all have in common? What could link an English Pilgrim en route to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Alan Turing, a refugee from Hitler’s Germany, a middle aged computer programmer and a little girl? I suppose if there is one thing humans share that other creatures do not, it is our particular […]