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's Review No: 42

A Fallen Woman and a Dark Little Raincloud Find Love


I admit I got behind in my reviews; I finished this one over two weeks ago. And it was a delicious quick read so having something to say is proving difficult. The third story in the Brothers Sinister books, A Kiss for Midwinter focuses on Lydia whom we met in The Duchess War, and while … [Read More »]

's Review No: 92

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I’m a little late to the party that is Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, but I’m here now! Like most people who read this book, I came away with a sense of awe that Cheryl not only accomplished her goal of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, but also that she didn’t freaking die in the process since … [Read More »]

's Review No: 91

The Flamingo Rising by Larry Baker

Larry Baker’s The Flamingo Rising came off as sort of John Irving-lite: quirky characters, meandering stories, but none of the impact that Irving novels have. Still, it was a cute, sweet story and I enjoyed slipping into the Lees lives for a bit.

Set in the 1960s along the Florida coast, The Flamingo Rising is … [Read More »]

's Review No: 80

Not my favorite Scalzi, but fun all the same.

lock in

If I was rating this book by the world-building alone, it probably would have gotten five stars. The idea of exploring Locked In Syndrome as a world-wide epidemic within a sci-fi framework is sooooo interesting to me. Lots of o’s to exhibit enthusiasm, there. I’m particularly interested in the ways that Scalzi, instead of … [Read More »]

's Review No: 37

I wasn’t a blubbering mess at the end of this one, but it was still pretty good.


Earlier this year, I was one of many who fell under the spell of Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You. I cried my eyes out at tragic, yet somehow still uplifting, love story. And I loved Moyes’ familiar, comforting writing style. Conversational and realistic. I was a big fan.

One Plus One is Jojo’s new … [

's Review No: 44

Nothing will ever be as good as reading Scott Pilgrim for the first time


I was inspired to read this book after Renton’s excellent review. I stumbled across a used hard cover and the visuals were simply too stunning for me not to pick it up; deep blues and clear reds twisting and intertwining to create an intricate tree. There were no blurbs or summaries, just this tree … [Read More »]

's Review No: 53

March (Book 1): An Origin Story

What’s hard for kids to recognize – hell, what’s hard for people to recognize – is that we’re living through history right this minute. That, someday, there’s going to be a kid, bored of his mind, doodling in the margins of his brain tablet (or whatever space technology kids are learning on in the future), … [Read More »]

's Review No: 44

Turbulent Waters in Post WWI London


Sarah Waters’ The Paying Guests has been getting a lot of good press since its release last month, and the praise for this novel is much deserved. It really is a masterful work. Waters creates a suspenseful and heartbreaking love story against the backdrop of post-WWI London. Its rigid moral climate and deteriorating social … [Read More »]

's Review No: 75

Another Historical Romance, But with a Trophy Wife and an Army Captain

Scandal and the Duchess is a fabulous romance novel title. Five stars for that. All gold.

I continue to lovehate Jennifer Ashley, but the fact that I have read everything in her Read More »]

's Review No: 52

Cannonball Accomplished :)

It’s the summer of 1927, and Winter Magnusson is one of San Francisco’s top bootleggers. He runs both quality fish and top-shelf booze in from the California coast, and it’s worth the top dollar he can charge for it – no bathtub gin to be found here. He seems well-known and respected in the community, … [Read More »]