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's Review No: 52

a very stylish Cannonball

I’m so thankful to have completed my (very first) Cannonball with a book I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am in the fashion “industry” which is fancy talk for “I have a degree in fashion merchandising but really I sell high end dresses to the discerning women of Dallas.” I actually work at a store that sells … [Read More »]

's Review No: 48

A bizarre and filthy parody of erotic literature and misogynistic right-wingers from the slightly unhinged mind behind Fight Club.


Previous readers of Palahniuk will know what is coming up in this first paragraph. A warning. Like Fight Club, Choke and basically everything the man has written before, this book will be likely to offend a variety of people. It’s not as extreme as something likeHaunted – which after my recommendation did actually make … [Read More »]

's Review No: 47

A realistic, vivid and quirkily illustrated coming-of-age comic about life at art-school and the uncertainty that goes along with it.


“What do you want to be in ten years?”

This is the question posed by a tutor in Jamie Coe’s Art Schooled. This was also one of the first questions posed to my Animation class in one of the first weeks of my degree at a small art school in Surrey. And like my … [Read More »]

's Review No: 18

San Diego is truly a wonderful city to live in. But if you’ve been here the past 5 years, then you know that San Diego was faced with a tragedy we as a city didn’t want to admit could happen. Over the course of a year, two young, beautiful high schoolers went missing. And when … [Read More »]

's Review No: 17

“Our youth is wasted, We will not waste it…”


We Were Liars is about a very rich family, the Sinclairs. The oldest grandchild, Cadence, is one of the Liars, her cousins and a family friend. They spend wonderful summers on the family’s private island, with their big houses and golden retrievers. One summer is marred by a terrible accident. Cadence can’t remember … [Read More »]

's Review No: 12

Imagine if Harry Potter was all about the Dursleys.


OK, it took me forever to finish The Casual Vacancy. I probably should have liked it—I know almost all of my friends did—but I just couldn’t with the Little Britain mentality and Middle England class warfare antics that J.K. Rowling describes with such unvarnished authenticity. Having lived in England for a … [Read More »]

's Review No: 16

Nearly Gone


Nearly Gone is about a girl named Nearly who finds herself in a cat and mouse game with a murderer. She was just trying to win a physics scholarship, get out of the trailer park. Alas, a killer has to prey on her obsession with the classified section and leave a bunch of … [Read More »]

's Review No: 15

Beginner’s Guide to Love and Time Travel


The Here and Now is about a girl who traveled back in time after a worldwide pandemic. The travelers are supposed to live under strict rules, but that doesn’t stop Prenna from falling in love with Ethan. There’s a lot of crazy time travel things that are a bit predictable, but I thought … [Read More »]

's Review No: 14

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble


I wasn’t that into Whipple’s Transparent, which was about an invisible girl who is hiding from her criminal father. I liked House of Ivy and Sorrow more. It’s about witches, a world where the witch community is dying out and their power is fading. Jo and her grandmother are the last of their … [Read More »]

's Review No: 11

How ’bout we just keep this particular Circle broken?

The Circle

I read The Circle back in August while on a family vacation in San Francisco/Silicon Valley. Needless to say this made Dave Egger’s exploration of life and culture in a dystopian, data-centric near-future all the more depressing.

Mae Holland is thrilled when a good friend from college recruits her to come … [Read More »]